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Latest Insight: The State of Risk Maturity


'The following article is based on my opinion of the risk maturity level in Southern Africa given the numerous clients whose risk methodologies we review and the 100s of detailed risk registers that we convert from unstructured Excel into a structured database such as BarnOwl'- Jonathan Crisp. Read More

Latest GRC News


"We should recognize that no organization will succeed if it does not take risks."

Norman Marks

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"Is there too much civility in the boardroom?"

Have a look at Richard Chambers perspective. 

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Download our Request for Proposal Template for Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit Software for a comprehensive list of system requirements.

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25th of October

9th of November

Event Insight: IRMSA Annual Conference: South Africa 2018 Big Thinkers.


The IRMSA ‘Big Thinkers’ risk conference which was held at Gallagher Estate on 3rd to the 4th October 2018 was very well attended with a line-up of impressive speakers. Read More

Tip Of The Month


Combined Assurance Using BarnOwl Risk Management

DID YOU KNOW? You can capture control ratings for different assurance providers according to level of defense in BarnOwl Risk Management.


Before you start, you need to configure the Combined Assurance parameters, which is done in the BarnOwl Server Management Console. *Note: You require permissions to work in the Server Management Console.


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