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Latest Insight: Business Unusual - Be in charge of your own disruption


'The dawning of the fourth industrial revolution is set to fundamentally alter so much of what we’ve become accustomed to. 


Does your organization foster and engender future thinking as a way to enable better decision-making? The ability to imagine, analyse and articulate future scenarios has become and will increasingly continue to be an invaluable item in any risk management toolkit'.- Paul van der Struys

Latest GRC News


Answer typical queries / objections when it comes to investing in Risk Management. Here is a step by step guide to selling risk management to the board and executive.

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'Are you, the management team satisfied that the internal audit team is providing you (and us) with the assurance, advice, and insight we need to be successful? If so, why?'- Norman Marks discusses. 

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5 Ways Internal Audit Can Fail to Adequately Serve Its Organization. Richard Chambers shares insight.

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Upcoming Events




BarnOwl Info Sharing Insight- 28 February 2018


Risk Governance

Thank you very much Christelle Marais, Managing Director, Lucidum, for your enlightening presentation at our BarnOwl info sharing event held at the BarnOwl offices in Bryanston on the 28 February 2019. To read the info sharing insights from the presentation please click here

Tip Of The Month


The New Risk Form


From BarnOwl version 9, the Risk form has been updated to include a range of new functionality, as well as making existing functionality easier to view and update. The new layout of the Risk form enables you to see the full context of the risk in one place. 


For more information read the full article below.


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