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Latest Insight: The Future of South Africa?

Andre Roux from the Institute of Future Research (IFR) University of Stellenbosch spoke at the recent IRMSA Risklab conference on the ‘Future of South Africa’. Andre’s presentation was impressive in that it was full of facts, stats and examples which debunks many of one’s own perceptions and / or misconceptions. Click here to read more.


Latest GRC News

A step by step guide to selling risk management to the board & executive.

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A great blog from Norman Marks on the art of decision making and the role of good governance.

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Can we learn to take more risks?

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BarnOwl Info Sharing Session: Why Risk Management Fails.


Mira Butler enlightened us with her insightful presentation explaining why Risk Management fails. Mira took us through a practical discussion of what we can do as risk and assurance practitioners to embed risk management within our organisation and make it a success. 






Tip Of The Month


Creating Follow-Up Audits

You can create a follow-up Audit project in BarnOwl, based on a previously completed Audit project. After you complete an Audit project, you can create a follow-up audit to ensure that any findings against the unit or process have been addressed. BarnOwl will automatically use all the unit and process information from the original project, and you can set new audit dates and add resources.


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