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Latest Insight


Although South Africa still struggles with its own demons, and racial and socialist invective flies thick and fast, we’ve walked that rocky path together, and come a heck of a long way since the dark days of apartheid. But this is not about politics, or the history of South Africa.


Information Sharing

Managing Procurement Fraud Risk through Continuous Monitoring - Anton Bouwer, CEO, BST Data Technologies


Anton, demonstrated how continuous auditing was used to ‘catch a thief’ as well as provide evidence which would otherwise be impossible to find.


Mountains of data reside in all systems and when monitored continuously and visualised intelligently often paint a very different picture to what something looks like at face-value.

Latest GRC News


Latest Insight by Richard Chambers: "What Will Internal Audit's Future Leaders ?" Read More


'It is also imperative that organisations ensure compliance with PAIA and it is recommended that PAIA compliance be included in the scope of POPIA readiness exercises.' Read More


There are still some companies out there who achieve immeasurable success without so much as a formalised risk register. Why is this the case? Read More

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Tip Of The Month


Creating and Linking Items in BarnOwl

In the new version of BarnOwl, version 8.6, you can capture and link new items at the same time.


In this example, we are going to capture an objective, and then link the objective to a unit and to risks. This feature enables you to see which objectives are available for addition to the unit, and which objectives are already linked to the unit.

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