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Latest Insight - Gazing Through Futuristic Eyes- Get Ready for Fundamental Change


'Technology seems to have such a short shelf life these days. I remember reading about "Moore’s Law" and "Rock’s Law" in my university course notes, and chuckling at how it was theorised that the number of transistors on a microchip doubled every two years, or how the cost of a semiconductor chip fabrication plant doubled every four years. Looking back now, it seems such slow progress.'- Paul van der Struys

Latest GRC News


The reality is, life is no fairy-tale – "Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore". 

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'An effective contribution to ERM involves enabling decisions and driving insights to decision makers'. Norman Marks offers imperative insight.

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Coming soon.. to disrupt the audit fraternity! 'it's a choice to see the possibility'.  

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Tip Of The Month


Using Impact Values to Rate Risk


BarnOwl enables you to rate your risk in two ways:

Qualitatively – by using a risk rating matrix based on impact rating x likelihood rating
Quantitatively – by using a currency amount based on the financial impact or loss that the organisation would suffer if the risk is realised


Impact values can now be specified in each unit for each risk category. This means that you can specify currency amounts in the Quantitative tab in the Risk form, and the qualitative rating (impact x likelihood) will automatically be updated based on the Impact values specified for the unit.


For more information read the full article below.

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