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Latest Insight - I think, therefore I am… wrong


In the risk management fraternity, we’ve often said or at least heard said that a risk manager has a multitude of hats to wear in terms of the role they play in the organisation.

At some point in their careers, a risk manager would have performed functions typically associated with positions such as company secretary, legal consultant, HR practitioner, health, safety or security manager, credit and market analyst, financial manager, logistics manager, strategy guru, IT specialist, project manager, office manager and so many others in between.

Latest GRC News


BarnOwl was proud to sponsor at the Namibian Annual Conference collaborated by The Namibian Chapters of IIA, IRMSA and ISACA. Read More

"How do I get the managers to buy into the risk management process?" Maybe we are asking the wrong kinds of questions. Read More

Richard Chambers has an insightful video on the seven Deadly Internal Audit Sins.  Watch Now

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12th July - 7th August

Tip Of The Month


Using BarnOwl’s Data Periods to ‘roll-over’

risks from one year to the next

Whilst it may be necessary to add and/or delete risks that no longer exist, most risks carry on from one year to the next, albeit with risk and control rating re-assessment. By using BarnOwl’s Data Period functionality you can monitor the movement of all risks and controls from one period to the next whether monthly, quarterly or annually.
We have noticed that some clients make the following common mistakes:
  • Copying their entire organsational structure from a 2018 node to a 2019 node.
  • Creating new risks for each year and appending the year to the end of each risk title.
  • At year end, overwriting your inherent risk ratings with your residual risk ratings.


For more information regarding these common mistakes and how to prevent them, read the full article below.

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